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Firearms Sales, Trades and Gunsmithing Jump to new posts
WTS Marlin 1895 45-70 w/ sig sauer 3-9X40scope Kory 1 minute ago
I bought it on here a couple of months ago. I just don’t need it. I paid 875 for it so that’s what I’ll take. I can text pics. You can call or text me. 903-771-9181.

Thank you. Kory.
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non-hunting CLASSIFIEDS Jump to new posts
Re: Nissan Titan All Weather Floor Mats JimBridger 2 minutes ago
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Re: 'The Dukes of Hazzard', premieres Jan. 26, 1979 Texan Til I Die 3 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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Re: Dash cam anyone? ntxtrapper 5 minutes ago
Garmin 67W.
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Re: Iconic Movie Scenes Creekrunner 8 minutes ago
Originally Posted by HunterMattW2


When I think of Christopher Walken, this is the scene I think of. Fantastic. up

This Burgess Meredith character is my hero and who I want to be like when I grow up:

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Re: Lost a great friend today fredeboy 9 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Western
Hard for some to understand how much it can hurt to loose a good dog, some likely will never understand it.

He sure was a good looking fella, wish I had words to make it easier,

Don't look forward to loosing Bella, our German Shedder, best friend I've had in all 60 years

Western those German Shedders have a bad habbit of doing that. I have had dogs all my 70 plus years and had bonded with a lot of them but when we lost Ranger a year and a half ago it left a hole that has not healed [Linked Image]

Here is hoping Bella is around for a long time!
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Open Hunting Discussion Jump to new posts
Re: 1 TEXAS Rifle Caliber? tgltexas 12 minutes ago
308 Win is my favorite, but I also like the 7mm-08, .243, and .223 (with a 75-grain bullet). I guess I like the short actions because they're easier to mount scopes on (with the proper eye relief) and you can make quick follow-up shots with a bolt action.

But ultimately it comes down to whatever you're the most comfortable and capable with. And it also helps when it's easier to find ammo.
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Deer Hunting Jump to new posts
Re: MLD Program ILUVBIGBUCKS 13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Double AC
As others have mentioned it gives you the power to truly manage your herd as it requires and allows you to disperse your pressure over a longer time period. We have 20 total doe tags. If we were not MLD, we would’ve tagged out already as it is just my dad and I plus an occasional guest.

It helps us too as we have freerange red deer and like to hunt their rut pretty hard specifically in October. If I whitetail shows up in that timeframe we can take it out too vs waiting til November.

You are absolutely right.
When you can start culling that early before there is any chance of them breeding it HELPS.

Also, in years like this one where we haven't yet come close to killing what we need to kill we still have 1 month left to do it.

There are no disadvantages to it that I can see at all and is yet another great tool for ranches that want to serious manage their herd for the betterment of it.
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Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: School me on pellet grills/smokers… TPACK 17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by BradyBuck
Ok, I think we should narrow down the argument.

I am not saying a pellet smoker will produce a better product. I am saying it will produce a really good one that 99% of people will really like and most wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

I love sitting around enjoying a cold one wild tending a fire all day just as much as anyone but that’s not always feasible.

99% is also subjective. I don`t believe that 1% of the smokers can disagree and argue this much every time this subject comes up. LOL chicken
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Re: Bullfrog TXHOGSLAYER 19 minutes ago

Hope you have a great day.
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Open Hunting Discussion Jump to new posts
Re: Dry...again ILUVBIGBUCKS 20 minutes ago
Blessed with .75" 1/24/23

Every drop counts for sure
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Upland Bird Hunting Jump to new posts
Re: The old man and the 410 SGL62 21 minutes ago
Cherish every moment with him.
Lost mine after a hunt to Montana where he had a ball.
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Open Hunting Discussion Jump to new posts
Re: Walmart Hunting Clearance tgltexas 21 minutes ago
Although I love the store, I never seem to find anything decent in my size at Academy. It seems like unless you're super small or super huge, they never have anything in stock. I'll have to swing by the local Walmart to see if I can find any good deals.
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Ammunition & Reloading Jump to new posts
Re: Primer ?? ChadTRG42 24 minutes ago
Originally Posted by BoomStick
Can magnum large pistol primers be used in place of regular large pistol primers without too much difference on the performance?

Yes. You will need to back the load down some to accommodate the hotter magnum primer. Also, some pistols can have difficulty igniting the magnum primers. My Taurus 357 revolver needs a standard primer since it does not ignite 100% on the magnum primers.

Curiosity question... What are the differences between Sm pistol vs Sm rifle and Lg pistol vs Lg rifle primers? Although they shouldn't be interchanged, can they safely?

Small pistol and small rifle are identical in size and shape. The small rifle primers are hotter and generally have a thicker cup. In theory, yes, you can interchange them. But it depends on what powders you are running. I would not use a small pistol primer when trying to ignite a slower burning powder. You can easily induce hang fires. And vice versa, if using a small rifle in small pistol application, you will need to back the load down and you can have issues with ignition with the thicker cup.

Large Pistol and Large Rifle have the same diameter, but large pistol primers are .120" tall and large rifle are .128" tall. You can NOT interchange these, and large rifle can not be used in large pistol and vice versa.

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Wild Hog & Javelina Hunting Jump to new posts
Re: Tonight’s pig rigs tgltexas 24 minutes ago
I have virtually the same suppressed setup with thermal on a Ruger Ranch rifle in 300 BLK. I haven't used it very long, and only shot a few hogs with it so far. I've been shooting the subsonic Nosler 220 grain Custom Competition HPBTs, and they sure seem to thump 'em hard.
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Firearms Sales, Trades and Gunsmithing Jump to new posts
Re: Gold Desert Eagle .50AE Gekko68 38 minutes ago
She needs a good home.She is so lonely if no one snuggles with her nightly
I don't have the time to snuggle with her,im out of town all time:(
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Ammunition & Reloading Jump to new posts
New Tools BoomStick 42 minutes ago
I have been reloading for a while, I use a single stage press and typically make small batches of ammo. As I have gotten older, I have noticed my hands don't like certain task anymore, lol.

I recently purchased a Lyman Case prep center. Man does this thing make a difference. Saves so much time prepping cases. I think its freaking sweet

[Linked Image]

Probably the worse now is priming my cases. I was using the older Lee autoprime hand primer. Overtime its has gotten where it won't completely set the primers and was a pain in the arse. I purchased this Lee Auto Bench priming tool. Got it yesterday and set it up on my bench. It works great. hardly any pressure needed to prime the casing. I primed 400 cases in less than 20mins. I will say that the primers can be finicky feeding but not hard to fix as you go. It has been great thus far. Safety concern according to the documents though, is to do a single primer at a time when using Federal primers due the potential of setting one off and detonating the entire tray of primers.

[Linked Image]
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Firearms Sales, Trades and Gunsmithing Jump to new posts
Sig P365 for trade or sale brucet 43 minutes ago
Sig P365, less than 300 rounds through it
Not going to work out for me, too small for my hands
Comes with factory case, paper work, factory base plates in case
4 mags, 2X10 and 2X12, all with pinky extension
Has Sig night sights, flat trigger installed, factory is in the case
Your trade must have night sights
Looking to trade for a 9mm 4"- 4.5" barrel
Not interested in a Glock
Sale price $550

Prefer PM please

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
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Re: Florida Woman Shoots Terminally Ill Husband of 50 Years Southtexas36 46 minutes ago
Originally Posted by blkt2
I wonder why he just didn't do it himself? The article did not mention the nature of his failing health and impending doom.

Read another article where he was too weak to do it himself.
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Migratory Bird Hunting Jump to new posts
Re: Flooded field project CSD 49 minutes ago
I've looked at renting a dozer but just can't justify it yet. Mainly due to frequency of working on it. When it's wet I would probably bury a dozer. Maybe this summer when its drier but in mean time I'm pretty proficient with tractor. I would really like to find a small case dozer to buy, but in today's market you can't find them and when you do they want a mint.

Once I get it setup i will see about the need for a well. I'm sure there will be years that it would be useful but it is amazing the amount of water that runs through that ditch to the creek. Everything of the east side of the hill my barndo is on goes through that ditch.
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Ammunition & Reloading Jump to new posts
Re: Split necks - Grendel garyrapp55 51 minutes ago
Originally Posted by ChadTRG42
The answer is to anneal your case mouths.

Yep. I use Hornady in my kids 6.5Grendel and I have 5-6 loads on some of them. Semi-autos may be harder on brass but I don't think the neck is affected any different, maybe I'm wrong. Regardless, anneal and go back to whatever you were before.
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Migratory Bird Hunting Jump to new posts
Re: Hunting pressure this season DUKFVR 52 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Sinkey
I think they are just joining the groups for pics. Ive hunted geese numerous times out West, and Cranes. Ive never hunted in a group with more than 8.

There are some guides down here in SE Tx that routinely hunt over 10 guys on a duck shoot. Can't see how anyone would enjoy that.
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Blinds & Feeders Jump to new posts
Re: ASF protein feeders Hudbone 1 hour ago
I utilize free choice Texas hunter products. We can put 24 bags of protein in a 1,200 pounder and 12 bags in a 600 pounder.
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Rifles, Shotguns & Handguns Jump to new posts
Re: Pistol Brace Ban BoomStick 1 hour ago
Without getting into the NFA rules and all the other malarkey going on in this thread.......
here is my concern, referencing a bloggers post from the ShotShow when the ATF drafted this new rule and the exceptions given.
1) the ATF stated they will essentially give everyone a free tax stamp for the SBR, okay cool!
However, according to this blogger, the FBI told the ATF to stick it and will no longer perform the back ground checks. So no the ATF will have to do said back ground checks.
Apparently, they have 88days to complete background check or the application gets automatically denied. So no SBR Tax Stamp.
2) with millions of tax stamp apps being submitted, this seems like many will get denied due to background checks not being performed in less than 88days.
So you gave your information, address, gun serial number and pictures proving you have a brace to the ATF. Now they deny your tax stamp.
So do they enforce on you for an illegal NFA item? Why would they not. You just proved everything they need to create a case against you!

I will not be submitting for a free tax stamp. I will reconfigure my guns until the dust settles from this.
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Firearms Sales, Trades and Gunsmithing Jump to new posts
Barrel inletting Glenn voth 1 hour ago
Who in the Denton Cooke County area foes barrel inletting
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