Hot and 102 degrees as I rolled into Uvalde Tx on Tuesday afternoon. Uvalde Holiday Inn Express booked solid however, over half of the rooms were occupied by Texas and out of state law enforcement officers sent here to battle Biden’s open border policy crisis. Scouted numerous fields Tuesday afternoon (including Jim Bailey, Gilleland Farm and a half dozen more haunts of local bird outfitters finding almost nothing that would produce even half limits per full day effort. No shotgun shells (0) available at the local Super Wallmart however Oasis Outback had plenty by the case starting at $12.50/box (Accidentally left all my shotguns at home so WTF did I need shells for anyway). Called at least half a dozen outfitters looking for a place to hunt to no avail. Made up my mind to point my F-250 back towards Montgomery but as “luck” would have it got a call from Outfitter #7 who said he could squeeze me in on a hunt on a 50X1000 yard area of shredded brush under the high lines on the NW side of town (see photo). Drove back to Oasis Outback and purchased a Inertia semi-auto Franci 20ga $900 (please don’t tell my wife) and invested $250 (same spousal non-disclosure rule applies) in Remington Ammo stock.
The next morning I met with the Outfitter #7 and his 165 other hunters (did I mention that he was going to squeeze me in?). Birds in groups of 20+ non-stop for 1hr22min (all Whitewings) started flying in higher than a hippie in a helicopter around 8am but then exiting their feeding field much lower around 10am (post me pissing away $100 in shells with very little to show for it). Managed to shoot 15 of these low and fast birds heading back to town by 10:45am however, the guy standing 25ft to my right claimed 5 of them and the guy 15ft to my left claimed 4. A little awkward to say the least but it did provide the excuse to go back for the afternoon hunt. The outfitter noted that the afternoon birds would begin flying around 1:30pm…I “wisely” did not arrive on site until around the hotter then Hades hour of 3pm. The birds evidently had their own schedule because they didn’t show up in any real numbers until 4:30pm at which time I had drank all of my water and 50% of my beer. In the exact same spot as my morning hunt this time but now 50ft from the person to my right and 75 ft to the person to my left. Was able to scratch another 15 birds on this hunt with a “fellow hunter foot race attrition rate” of exactly 6 birds which luckily enough ended up filling my 15 bird bag limit for the day. Hunted again this morning (same time and place, with an open 50 yards to my left and right) easily killing some birds but cleverly stopping at 10 Whitewing so I could have an excuse to go back and cook what is left of my brain this afternoon. By this point in my narrative I would imagine that you believe you made the correct decision not to join in on my south Tx shotgun safari but if you change your mind, I will be heading out to hunt again around 4pm. Other than this, consider it safe to say that the food scene here in Uvalde still sucks and the bar scene is still ugly.

PS- steady 10-12 knot wind on all hunts so bugs were not a problem however, did get checked by the GW 2X on opening day…

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