I have used tritronics for a long long time. I was upset when they sold to Garmin. I found myself in a position where I had to purchase a new collar and bought the Garmin. What a POS. Well over a decade In ave used Tritronics and the only thing that ever wore out were collar batteries. The Garmin lasted 10 snake avoidance clinics and it is simply no longer operable.

So i set out to repair my tritronics. I have looked over google for hours and unable to locate replacement collar batteries. I realized even if I found a battery, what would I do next year or the following. They dont make these batteries any longer. Then it dawned on me, tritronics didnt make the batteries inside the pack. It took some funky maneuvering with a cut off blade on a dremel tool but i was able to get the batteries out. Just as i suspected they used a very common recharbable battery pack. $8 and some change on amazon.

I would buy new collars in a minute if there was a comparible collar. The fact is, there is no quality brand that can hang with the old tritronics. If anyone is in the same boat PM me and I will walk you through the fix.

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