Embark on an insightful expedition into the heart of Texas conservation with Romey Swanson, the Executive Director of the Devils River Conservancy. With a rich history rooted in childhood adventures across West Virginia and Texas, Romey's pursuit of wildlife stewardship has led him to an influential role within the state's ecological preservation efforts. Appointed by Governor Abbott to the Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Conservation Council, Romey's story is a tapestry of personal growth and professional evolution, from a technician fresh out of college to a key player in land management plans and helping to shape public policy and public awareness in the various groups, committees, and boards that he sits on. His fervent resolve to protect Texas's bountiful waterways and diverse ecosystems is both a tribute to his dedication and a rallying cry for environmental advocates.

This episode is not merely a chronicle of Romey Swanson's contributions to Texas's natural heritage. It's an invitation to join hands in the collective responsibility of nurturing the bond we share with nature. Through stories of close encounters with the elusive Mexican Spotted Owl and reflections on the growth of ModernTexasNaturalist.com, Romey embodies the essence of a connector, uniting hunters, anglers, and conservationists in a common cause. Let's heed the call to safeguard the Devils River and engage in the mission to preserve the splendor of Texas for generations to come. Your passion for the outdoors and commitment to conservation can make a world of difference—and this episode is your guidepost.

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