The deadline for Kansas Draw is only 1 week away April 26th!

We still have room for a couple more archery whitetail hunters.

We hunt on roughly 40000 acres and have 4 miles of the Arkansas River. We are very conservative on hunter numbers taking only 4 hunters per year This is a very personalized hunt with first class lodging and meals. If you want to hunt whitetail with us but aren't a proficient compound bow hunter it’s legal for everyone to use a crossbow in Kansas!!

If you can’t make it this year but would like to hunt with us in the future be sure to follow this link and purchase a preference point to help ensure you draw a tag when the time comes.
6 day hunt fully guided with meals and lodging $5500 +$2000 kill fee on any buck.
Contact me for more details.

Jeremy Gugelmeyer

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @ Sagebrush Hunts