Any help would be appreciated. I am routinely checking lease sites and certain outfitters. I am looking for a waterfowl lease for the 2024-2025 season, up to $20,000 for the year for the right property. Looking from Corsicana area up to OKC in that corridor. If someone has a deer hunting lease but isn't interested in waterfowl or likes to hunt deer on their family place but no mad at the birds it could be a great scenario. Willing to work with any agents as well that can bring the right lease. Please pm me with any

I would like to have 2-3 lease holders which can have a maximum of 3 guests at a time for a max of 4 hunters at the property at any time. Lease holder would all be company employees included on the leasing contract. Primarily focused on waterfowl, fishing, dove, any others are a plus but not the focus. Not needing lodging.