Howdy all,
I've been hunting public land mule deer in New Mexico since my teens but I would like to try and find more hunting opportunities closer to home, especially for my sons. I'm looking for a lease within 3 hours' drive of Austin with access to white tail rifle hunting.
Prefer year-round but open to seasonal as well.
Would be nice if there was opportunity for axis deer and birds as well. I've never hunted birds but would love to start.
No need for any utilities - have an overland camper perfect for boondocking
Not looking for trophies - just want to put venison in the freezer and make memories with my boys before they're grown and gone.
Budget is $5,000

About us: I'm pushing 45, professional, conservation-minded hunter and fisherman, proud Aggie. My sons are 14 and 12. They've both been to New Mexico with me as scouts and have each had a tag previously but neither has been successful yet. Both are eager to bag their first deer and have been practicing diligently at the range. We're not afraid of rough terrain or hard work, willing to help maintain the lease to mutual benefit. If you're looking for a no-nonsense, respectful lessee who will leave your property better than they found it, please hit me up!