As I sat across from Michael Sabbath, the author of "The Good, the Bad, and the Difference" and "The Honorable Hunter," the gravity of his journey struck me - from staring down a life-threatening heart condition to confronting ethical debates head-on. Together, we embark on an expedition through the thicket of morality, dissecting the role of hunting in conservation, and the fine line between right and wrong. Michael, with his expertise in law and ethics, provides a compass for navigating the complex terrain of teaching values to children and handing hunters the tools to defend their way of life with honor.

Throughout our discussion, Michael's anecdotes serve as waypoints, revealing the essence of character and the power of persuasion. Whether it was analyzing the heated debate over a black rhinoceros hunt or considering the distribution of funds from trophy hunting, we uncover the importance of evidence and moral consideration in advocating for conservation.

Michael's experiences, from the classrooms of elementary students to the legal battlegrounds confronting policies affecting hunters' rights, illuminate the need for a deft touch in crafting arguments and the courage to uphold one's convictions amidst controversy.

Our exchange culminates in an exploration of legacy and gratitude, where Michael shares his profound desire to leave a positive mark on the world through his works and teachings. The candid reflections on his life's turns, his battle against what he perceives as evil, and the legacy he hopes to forge resonate deeply.

As we part ways, with promises of future dialogues and fishing trips, I invite you to join us in this episode, a testament to the enduring impact of living with integrity and the transformative power of ethical education.

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Michael's books:
The Honorable Hunter
The Good, The Bad & The Difference: How To Talk With Children About Values

George Blitch
"Keep your aim as true as your word" - GB