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A young man from northern Missouri got his FREQ in the field for the first time on Friday though it was warm and sprinkling. He called after making three dry stands and asked what sound he should be using. I told him I would play one of the cottontail rabbit recordings and he response was that he had not called a coyote in the area for a couple of years and surely could not call a coyote with a rabbit. On the next stand about noon, he called up and killed a coyote and then another before it rained him out.
What a lot of guys don't seem to understand is that a sound that goes ultrasonic is NOT the same as the same sound is, when it is not ultrasonic...It will sound the same to us as all we hear are the lower end frequencies that we have produced since the 1950's. What sets the sounds apart and appeals to the predators is the sounds above what we hear and occur naturally.

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