In this episode, George Blitch sits down with Lance Lewis of Tagged Out Kitchen, a professionally trained chef and seasoned hunter, who blends his passions for the wilderness and the kitchen, to deliver unique hunting and cooking experiences.

From sharing his personal journey from his roots in Louisiana to living in Colorado, Lance provides a fascinating glimpse into his journey to becoming a well know Wildgame Chef and running his company, Tagged Out Kitchen..

We further delve into the science of cooking, the benefits of experimentation, and the nuances of meat preservation. From discussing the art of smoking to offering tips for aspiring chefs, Lance shares his invaluable insights. He details the butchering of a bison that was well over 2,000 pounds, and how he did everything with a 6" knife.

George also asks for a handful of recipes with some wildgame in his own freezer, including cottontail rabbits, quail, hog and more.

Join us on this riveting journey as Lance Lewis extends his knowledge, making the great outdoors a little more accessible to us all. And make sure to follow Lance and his company, Tagged Out Kitchen:

IG: "taggedoutkitchen"

George Blitch
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