Prepare to be fascinated as we journey back in time to World War II, with none other than Peter McDonald Sr (Hashkasilt Begay), a Navajo Code Talker, to guide us through the gripping tale of the Navajo Code Talkers. We promise you'll be captivated by the extraordinary story of how the Navajo language transformed into an unbreakable military code, a tactic that saved countless American lives and changed the course of the war.

Our episode unfolds with the intriguing proposal by Philip Johnston, a man raised by the Navajo tribe, suggesting to the mighty US Marines to leverage the Navajo language as a secret code. We then transition into the heart of the matter: the construction of this intricate code, featuring an impressive array of 260 words symbolizing the English alphabet and various military organizations.

Amidst tales of planes, submarines, and explosives, we chart the role of the Navajo Code Talkers in the war and how their heroics remained a closely guarded secret until 1966.

To honor their legacy, we reflect on the increasing recognition they are receiving today, through films, literature, and even a dedicated museum. This tale of diversity and unity underpinning one of history's most crucial events will leave you in awe.

Peter is one of three Navajo Code Talkers still alive, as of this release, on 11/11/23

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**This podcast is taken from a speech that David Marroquin recorded on the Navajo Reservation on June 17, 2011. Any background noise you may hear is because it was in a dining hall, and there were many in attendance during a meal.

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