While hunting the National Forest Boundary line behind private homes one day; I got out of my area after spotting a group of mulies. I pursued them for as long as I could until dark. Now the challenge of getting back. I decided to head downhill into the city, and walk the streets back (turned out to be about 7 miles away).
As I was coming out of the foothills into the city, I came across an access dirt road leading me down. Mind you; I’m dressed in a 3-D leaf suit. As I’m walking on this dirt road I started getting passed by cars coming up. One car pulled over, and they all were dressed in Halloween costumes. They asked, “want a ride”? I said sure, and they drove me back up that dirt road to a very eccentric couples Halloween party up in this dead end canyon estate. It was to this day one of the craziest nights I’ve experienced. Some of them folks were just a bit “touched”.
At the end of the night (or morning as I recall), I sat down with that old hippie owner and his wife, and told them where I was just before finding my way into their party. They invited back for the next year’s festivities. No one else there had a clue that I was the real deal, and had just come down from hunting in the mountains. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERONE!

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