I got a friendly reminder the rattlebugs are still out and about. Any that know me would know I am building a house on Matagorda Island. You would also know I train for snake avoidance. Well I was on the island 2 weeks ago working all day. I was near to docks and was walking 40 yards to go say goodbye to some friends. To get to them was 40 yards of that 3 foot high coastal grass. I was able to see the ground well enough and was keeping a watchful eye where I stepped. One of the guys I was going to say goodbye to started talking to me so I looked up and started talking to him. I heard click click click and the noise stopped me in my tracks. There is was, a HUGE rattlesnake. It barely rattled, just a little clicking noise. It gave me a pass as it sure had me dead n.ts within her reach. She uncoiled and took off. My whole body tingled from an adrenaline dump.

As I tell everyone who will listen. Keep those dogs tuned up, vaccinate them. We all know the dangers of rattlesnakes, we can communicate and still get bit. A dog gets a one time introduction to a snake, it isn't enough. I have worked with them for 20 years. I know their dangers and I can still get a bite. Well if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.