I got one in and frankly wasn't expecting much
I must say, I was pleasantly surprised
Had it for 4 days of hunting and took it the stand with me
I had no problem positively ID'ng deer at 4-500 yards with it and would absolutely feel 100% confident on killing pigs at 250 with it

Like most thermals, the native magnification is the best image quality and magnifying the image turned to crap.

I had it off the rifle and was using it as a handheld covering a very large hill side and could cover 5-600 yards in all directions.
Spotted a deer at about 500 with binos and looked with the thermal and there were 4 deer up in the tall grass there that even with great binos I would have had a hard time seeing.

Being able to "glass" an area in a few seconds and qucikly pickup deer is awesome.

Pigs were not around for some reason, been hitting the feeders a lot over the last month and night, I wasn't mad at them enough to go out trying to find them in the middle of the night.

It does sit a little low on an AR and I think a 1/2" QD rail riser would be great.