Wonder if funding for this program has also been cut by recent legislature ? Anybody have any idea?

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Wildlife biologist Shawn Gray finds pronghorns fascinating, and hopes you will, too.

The pronghorn is a unique mammal of North America; itís the only one found in its family. Itís the fastest mammal in North America. Itís a big game species.

Gray is the pronghorn program leader and oversees the Pronghorn Restoration Project. Because itís is a game species, hunting them should pick up as their population grows, thus benefiting local communities.

In 2008, we issued probably like 800 buck only hunting permits. And, shoot, in 2009 or 10, we were issuing less than 100. And thereís a lot to that. Not only is it the money that they get for trespass access for hunting, but the hunters come into the local communities and spend time and spend money. So, thereís a lot of those economic impacts as well with a much reduced pronghorn population out here.

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