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NWR teniente Hunt

Posted By: bassmastar34

NWR teniente Hunt - 11/13/21 05:34 AM

Got drawn for next week to hunt whitetail and exotics archery hunt. I have hunted this tract for nilgai last year a got a decent bull just curious if there has been any major changes to the hunt area?
Are the lake beds full?
Have the mowed the roads?
I know the rut doesn't usually pick up till late dec but how are the bucks acting? (any prerut sparring, etc)
Any other insights?

Thanks y'all in advance and wish me luck
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Posted By: Biscuit

Re: NWR teniente Hunt - 11/13/21 02:59 PM

Nice one sir
Posted By: Gabe G

Re: NWR teniente Hunt - 02/04/22 02:38 AM

I just came across your post. Wondering how it went… I’m locally 20 mins away from El Teniente & haven’t been drawn for the exotic only hunt last 3 years… Nice Bull btw… Inwas drawn 6 years ago for the East lake WMA for rifled slug shotgun only… but got zero…
Posted By: Fltmedic

Re: NWR teniente Hunt - 02/04/22 10:11 AM

Congrats on that Bull your last time out, curious how your recent hunt went as well.
Posted By: bassmastar34

Re: NWR teniente Hunt - 02/04/22 05:29 PM

Weather was bipolar it went from 75 to 40 then up to 90 in 4 days first day of the hunt we got almost 6 inches of rain. We saw 3 cows and 9 bulls on the private ground bordering the refuge and plenty of fresh tracks but we never saw an animal on the refuge. after talking to 6 different groups that hunted the same time as us only one guy had shot a 2 yr old fork whitetail and claimed to have shot a bull and cow but didnt have any pictures. It was a rough hunt overall but we had fun.
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