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First time axis hunt wanted

Posted By: 1chevypickup

First time axis hunt wanted - 06/12/21 10:00 PM

I’m just testing the waters, but I’ve been wanting to kill an axis deer for many years, but have never hunted them. My dad and I talked about going on a hunt, but he’s currently undergoing cancer treatment 6 days a week so it would be just me or me and a guest possibly. I am on a budget and honestly have no idea on the price range for axis hunts which is why I’m making this post to get an idea, but if it’s something reasonable I’m definitely wanting to go for a little get away and hunt! I have a good friend in Junction who is normally loaded with axis but due to the freeze they lost a lot and a lot of the survivors were in velvet and the freeze stunted their growth. So he doesn’t have any hunts open.
Posted By: DavidC.

Re: First time axis hunt wanted - 06/12/21 11:54 PM

PM sent.
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