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Eland or nilgai?

Posted By: bassmastar34

Eland or nilgai? - 12/20/20 09:16 PM

Earlier this year i was lucky enough to hunt and harvest a nilgai bull from one of the draw hunts on this Lower Rio Grande units in Raymondville. To say the least I am hooked both on the amazing quality of the meat and the challenge of the hunt. While looking for a nilgai hunt for 2021 I was told to look into eland hunts. Has anyone on here hunted both nilgai and eland? If so how does the challenge of the hunt and table fare of the meat? This may be a dumb question and asking to compare apples and oranges but figured I would ask.
Posted By: Erny

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/20/20 09:21 PM

Have hunted Nilgai here in Texas and eland in South Africa. Eland meat is right on par with nilgai, but a eland is a much larger animal so there will be more meat per animal. Eland are not an easy hunt in SouthAfrica, but I don’t know how they are on ranch’s here in Texas.
Posted By: ErikL

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/21/20 12:54 AM

A lot of meat off eland. Wild nilgai difficult to hunt imho compared to high fence eland. Ate a lot of nilgai, is great. Enjoyed eland meat in rsa as well, tracked eland in rsa but couldn’t close deal
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/21/20 01:55 AM

Eland are massive.
Posted By: George S

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/21/20 04:55 PM

I find meat from an eland bull tastes better than that of a nilgai bull.
Posted By: syncerus

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/21/20 05:02 PM

My preference would be to hunt nilgai in TX and eland in Africa.
Posted By: txtrophy85

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/21/20 05:06 PM

Been around both, but only hunted Eland.

Both animals don't stay still very long. Both in my experience are very wary. The only Eland Bull we saw worth shooting was at a water hole, he saw us and spun around and took off in about 2 seconds time.

There is a big ranch out West Texas way that has a great herd of Eland and the people that have hunted there say its quite challenging to hunt. I cannot remember the name of the ranch.
Posted By: bassmastar34

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/22/20 12:14 AM

does anyone have recommendations for a ranch for eland? Im not looking for anything record book just a good representation of the species? For sometime early 2021
Posted By: ErikL

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/22/20 01:13 AM

pm sent
Posted By: BMD

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/22/20 11:54 PM

Eland little better than Nilgai but both are incredible
Posted By: Eland Slayer

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/29/20 03:16 PM

Wendy Lou Reserve near Dublin, TX has one of the best self-sustaining herds of Eland in the state of Texas.

Posted By: Herbie Hancock

Re: Eland or nilgai? - 12/29/20 03:51 PM

I know the 74 ranch has eland hunts.
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