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Blackbuck questions

Posted By: doggit

Blackbuck questions - 12/09/19 07:20 PM

How long on average will they live in high fence talking about males? Do they max out on horn length? I've noticed they grow their length fairly quick. Then add mass? I've got couple really dark ones about same horn length I'm guessing 22" straight. One is about 3 yrs old other 5. Wondering if I should harvest or would it be worth letting them grow out more if they will? Thanks
Posted By: Aaron-Ibex

Re: Blackbuck questions - 12/09/19 07:33 PM

there is no hard and fast answer for your questions unfortunately. LOT of BB will top out around 19-20". their first 3 years are where most their growth comes from. That being said I am working on obtaining some 25-29" BB...but those are extremely rare.
Posted By: buck wild

Re: Blackbuck questions - 12/13/19 03:47 PM

to answer your question, with adequate food, low predators, etc they should be able to live 7-9 yrs but will begin to max out on horn length around 6 and then gradually decline as they broom off tips faster than the very little they will grow at that age. I would definitely leave a 3 yr old. I'd maybe give the 5 yr old another year before considering harvesting.
Posted By: doggit

Re: Blackbuck questions - 12/14/19 01:39 AM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

I don't know much about guessing how long horns are on BB. Am I close to say they are about 21- 22"?
Posted By: doggit

Re: Blackbuck questions - 12/19/19 04:44 PM

Anyone that's judged BB care to help me out on the length? Please and thank you.
Posted By: Blake Millican

Re: Blackbuck questions - 12/23/19 06:55 AM

To me it Looks like The top buck is 19” and the bottom buck looks 20” maybe 21” hard to be for sure in a picture. But in all the bb I have guided it’s easy to miss them by an 1” and sometimes even two. But regardless very nice bb.
Posted By: jay baker

Re: Blackbuck questions - 01/05/20 07:30 PM

We have a pretty old BB in a pen.
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