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Auodad Advice needed

Posted By: FoxTrot

Auodad Advice needed - 08/14/19 02:57 PM

I would like to hear from the guys who have hunted them before and been successful.
So, I have at least 2 that are hanging around on a new lease that I have. I know they are very spooky. They are hitting a feeder that I have set up strictly for bow hunting. It is a power line ROW that runs north/south.

I have a cell game cam up and they are hitting it every time the feeder goes off.

I can get in the bow stand and be 30 yds from the feeder and try to get on one or I can potentially set up down the ROW(150 yds) and get after one with a rifle. I assume further away is better.

My question is, can they smell as good or better than WT? If so, I will need to wait until I have a north wind to slip in there. I wouldn't need to worry with a South Wind in my bow stand.

Also, Ive noticed that they quit hitting the feeders for a few days if I'm in the property working. So, I would likely park at the gate and walk all the way in to the stand in order to be quiet.

Any help is appreciated. I would assume that the one that I am after is fully mature.
Posted By: txtrophy85

Re: Auodad Advice needed - 08/14/19 03:18 PM

post up some pictures.

Aoudad are very wary and their eyesight is there greatest asset. As far as being able to smell as good as a whitetail, that I don't know ( my experience with goats and sheep would point to no, but that doesn't mean the wind won't come into play or you should disregard it)

They are tough animals and there vitals are lower and farther forward than a deer. If your going to bowhunt them, I would make sure to use a heavy poundage bow with a stout arrow/broadhead combo and put the arrow right up the front leg in the lower 1/3rd of his body. Rifle shots I would place the same way...follow the leg up and don't go higher than the halfway horizontally on his body. A traditional behind the shoulder shot will be too far back.

I have hunted them quite a bit, they are a challenging game animal, one of my favorites. Also, in my experience you scare more animals by walking in than driving in. I would use a vehicle to get close to the blind, just don't go off and start working prior to the hunt.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Auodad Advice needed - 08/14/19 03:31 PM

They approach very cautiously to any feeder IME. They can smell very well but their eyesight is their biggest asset. They are watching you moving around the ranch. I would move my trail cameras around on trails to see what is their main trail to and then from the feeder to see how to approach.
Posted By: Adchunts

Re: Auodad Advice needed - 08/16/19 12:27 AM

Took my stepson on an Axis hunt early this year. Hunting a feeder @ 108 yards. Wind was in our face. The property had a single aoudad on it (owner had no idea where it came from). That crazy thing almost blew the hunt. He was spooky as could be. He blew out twice, taking all the Axis with him. Was staring around like he thought a lion was behind every bush. Axis are pretty skittish, but they were downright chill compared to this goat. If you get a good shot, I wouldn’t procrastinate. Good luck on your hunt!
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