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Free Range Oryx Hunt

Posted By: Insight-Outdoors

Free Range Oryx Hunt - 03/22/19 02:21 AM

Oryx Hunt in Deep South Texas. This is a free. Range 10k acre property. We have some big oryx!! Meals and lodging included! $3500 per hunter. Give us a shout for more info!

Posted By: George S

Re: Free Range Oryx Hunt - 03/22/19 06:31 PM

Are these gemsbok or scimitar-horned oryx?
Posted By: jdickey

Re: Free Range Oryx Hunt - 03/22/19 11:23 PM

Gemsbock Oryx or Scimitar Horned Oryx..... "Equiring Minds" want to know!!!!
Posted By: krmitchell

Re: Free Range Oryx Hunt - 03/23/19 01:56 AM

Gonna guess free range scimitar since that price matches the website price.
Posted By: Insight-Outdoors

Re: Free Range Oryx Hunt - 04/02/19 12:40 AM

yes they are free range scimitar hunts on 10k acres in South Texas. Sorry for the delay I thought it would alert me if someone commented or messaged me. Let me know if you are interested in a hunt! Thanks

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