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Dama gazelle hunt

Posted By: Wiskers1967

Dama gazelle hunt - 03/15/19 07:52 PM

We have a nice dama gazelle bull to shoot he has a busted leg did it fighting but still getting around pretty good & the price is right no hidden fees $ 3,500 he's on 23 000 acres in dryden TX. have other hunts available as well mike 830-333-1158
Posted By: breadman

Re: Dama gazelle hunt - 03/15/19 08:53 PM

would this be on steve forrest`s ranch ?
Posted By: SpiralHorn

Re: Dama gazelle hunt - 03/15/19 10:37 PM

Offered to buy it, but they have no interest in trying this hunt with a bow or crossbow.
Posted By: Wiskers1967

Re: Dama gazelle hunt - 03/20/19 07:41 PM

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