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Goldwaite area

Posted By: Gabe 670

Goldwaite area - 09/30/21 08:21 PM

I have a deer lease about 8 miles north of Goldwaite, and I have not seen one turkey on any of my trail cams. Can anyone tell me if this area is just not a good area for Turkey?
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Goldwaite area - 09/30/21 08:36 PM

1. welcome
2. There's a "t", and an "h" in Goldthwaite
and 3. ...I have no idea. geekfreak
Posted By: Slick Head

Re: Goldwaite area - 09/30/21 08:49 PM

I have a ranch 6 miles west of goldthwaite and we are loaded with Turkeys in spring very few sightings in the fall
Posted By: Gabe 670

Re: Goldwaite area - 09/30/21 08:54 PM

Do you put anything out to bring them in, I mean other than corn.
and thank you for the reply
Posted By: flintknapper

Re: Goldwaite area - 10/01/21 01:14 AM

Goldthwaite has always had good turkey numbers.

But the Eastern part of Mills County is more populated. In fact, in years past....that is where the Parks and Wildlife used to trap turkeys to stock other areas.
Posted By: Cajunrotor

Re: Goldwaite area - 10/09/21 07:38 PM

I hunt about 10 miles West of Goldthwaite and we had turkeys on a game camera for the first time last week.
Posted By: Txhunter65

Re: Goldwaite area - 11/02/21 05:41 PM

I'm about 15 miles north of Goldthwaite and we see a decent number of birds in the spring but none in the fall, assuming they have areas they roost in during the fall and winter that pulls them away from us. Some years spring hunting is better than others we usually only try to take 1 or 2 birds a year. I know suitable nesting cover is hard to come by in a lot of areas with goats. Fortunately our property does not have goats and we only have about 20 cows on 600 acres so the little blue stem is 2-3 foot tall during spring we also trap the you know what out of coons, we've killed almost 200 in the last 4 years. Might also listen in early mornings to hear what the resident owl population sounds like in your area. Great horned owls are one of the biggest predators for turkeys in the spring.
Posted By: tightlines24

Re: Goldwaite area - 11/17/21 03:01 PM

There are plenty of birds in that area. The problem you are obviously running into is that their fall/winter pattern may have moved them off your area. I have also seen turkeys this time of year go on like a 2-4 day pattern where they are like making one big round and only come by any particular place once or twice a week. If you only get to hunt an occasional weekend you may just be out of luck on the particular weekends you get to hunt. I will bet in the spring you should be able to pick up some birds. Learn to call and be able to sit still and enjoy the show this spring.
Posted By: GLC

Re: Goldwaite area - 11/18/21 03:34 PM

We are between Goldwaite and Hamilton. Still seeing a group of 8 to 12 on a regular basis.
Posted By: 10pointers

Re: Goldwaite area - 11/22/21 11:45 PM

We are south of town on 183 and have been there since 1985 and yet to harvest any in the last 10 years
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