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Never Turkey Hunted before

Posted By: HTXdude123

Never Turkey Hunted before - 03/22/21 06:15 PM

I have never hunted turkey before ( just duck, dove, deer, javelina) and have been thinking about trying to find a day or weekend hunt this spring. Out of curiosity how much do they normally run price-wise? I am a college student so being able to try this spring is all cost dependent.
Posted By: Harkriscar

Re: Never Turkey Hunted before - 03/22/21 07:35 PM

Things in Texas are different. Here in SC there are hundreds of thousands of acres of public Game Management Areas where hunting is free (with a fairly cheap permit good for all big game) Turkeys and deer are plentiful. Of course privately managed land may have less competition. My advice to you is to meet some fellow hunters and get invited to hunt with them. Or maybe just tag along with no gun to experience it. Many turkey hunters just like to call and probably would allow you to be the shooter. As far as paying a guide, that’s pretty rare here, but I know things are different in Texas.
Posted By: jadkins

Re: Never Turkey Hunted before - 03/24/21 04:38 PM

Don't do it. They are called divorce feathers for a reason.
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