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Coryell Co hunting

Posted By: SB9969

Coryell Co hunting - 11/20/20 12:45 AM

We just dont see hardly any turkey where we are. Just outside Gatesville off 36 on the Leon. How about you guys in Coryell Co, do you see alot of turkey? Ive seen one hen in the last two years.
Posted By: Stevarino

Re: Coryell Co hunting - 11/20/20 12:44 PM

Hunted East of Evant for several years. Typically during the fall, we didn’t see many. Those who had setups near the creek would occasionally see a few during deer season. But during spring time, our place would be on fire. If you knew how to call in the spring, your chances were high.. and we killed some really good birds!
I will say we had a group come through in the fall many years ago that was probably in the 70-75 range, but just that one time. Caught groups of 20-30 on camera several times. It was rare to see them in the feed pens. For some odd reason, those things would never cross over the hog paneling but maybe a couple times per year. And then I see folks out west that can’t keep them out of the pens. Go figure.
Last, I’ll add that I personally felt our numbers were declining year over year. We started noticing a lot of predator kills on our place. So make sure you’re handling that piece the best you can. And maybe add a turkey feeder near a creek..
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