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Coyote trapping

Posted By: ELKMTB

Coyote trapping - 09/23/21 05:01 PM

For those of you that trap for yotes what do you use as bait?

I usually catch possumss and skunks more than yotes.

Also anyone ever caught a deer or calf? i have had them stomp my traps when I use coyote scent on them.
Posted By: stinkbelly

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/23/21 05:47 PM

I use domestic dog poop. My dogs always mark coyote poop so I tried it. I usually trap for a month a year and catch about 7-10 yotes in that time. I have caught one bobcat, a couple foxes, and a deer with it too. I use foot traps. Set it the distance from the poop so that they will get caught while marking it. I never put mine on trails. I always set it to the side of the trail. I think that helps keep me from getting unwanted animals.
Posted By: maximum

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/23/21 07:20 PM

Dog turds from a different area usually work ok
I had read an article some time back that ( Texas Tech?)
had done a study about the different things coyotes were
attracted to. The article said that kitty cat turds were #1

I like federales in a dirt hole set. I've had too many roll
on the trap bed if I put any urine or bait at ground level
A piece of squirrel in a dirt hole is ok too

If I have a choice I like to use a ground up bait or a paste
so they have to work the set longer to get anything and
they can't grab a chunk and haul butt
Posted By: Erich

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/24/21 05:10 PM

i've still always had trouble i think with scent on my traps. i've dyed and waxed them. what do yall wear when setting traps? i've tended to just alwasy wear regular leather boots/regular work/field boots. but i wonder if i need to switch to some sort of rubber boots for better scent control.
Posted By: Erich

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/24/21 05:11 PM

for bait i've used just regualar store bought predator baits and fox scents. it seems to attract attention. catches coons/possums/bobcats and some coyote. i've not had a lot of luck actually catching coyotes.
Posted By: ntxtrapper

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/24/21 07:06 PM

I use a lure rather than bait. Bobcat urine has been the best producer for me.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/24/21 07:45 PM

I buy from these folks: https://www.pcsoutdoors.com/Trapping.aspx
These baits and lures: https://www.pcsoutdoors.com/coyotetrappingbait-2.aspx
I have used the Cavens and Grawe's baits and lures. I also use urine on some sets. The smell of the lure/bait has a lot to do with what it will catch first. I am by no means and expert at trapping but something I dabble with from time to time. Nothing more gratifying than to get a predator to step in a 4" circle that has your trap set in it.
Posted By: Erich

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/24/21 09:22 PM

do yall wear rubber boots for scent control around sets? or what's your process for setting a trap?
Posted By: ntxtrapper

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/25/21 12:26 AM

Rubber boots never seemed to make a difference but if you touch your trap with your bare hands, they may smell you and dig up your trap. I use a pair of cotton gloves that have so much dirt ground into them that they just smell like dirt. MB550 is my preferred coyote trap and I bed it very well so there's no wobble if they step on the bedded jaws. I always make a dirt hole to put the lure in.
Posted By: maximum

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/25/21 01:33 AM

If there's a bunch of smaller varmints in your area, you
may have to target some of them to get them out of
your way. If you're trapping in your hunting area, you want
to cut down on the critters anyway. JMHO- I'd rather
have more game birds and rabbits and squirrels and
such than be seeing lots of coon and possum poop
and have them diddling with my feeders and stands
and killing the neighborhood chickens etc.

I've never worried too awful much about scent other
than not wearing some fuel soaked boots or smelling
like smoke etc.
I can smell the neighbor smoking cigarettes from
several hundred yards away.
I don't worry too much about it. The bait in the hole
can usually overpower any residual scent on my
clean hands. I imagine the region makes a difference
I read about some of these guys kneeling on a raw
deer hide, and rubber gloves and boots etc.
There's people shredding in fields with tractors
belching diesel smoke, old trucks driving around
feeding cattle, people running the roads, etc.
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/28/21 03:30 AM

I'll agree with turds and urine, bobcat or coyote. Spouse collects the turds when he sees them.
MB550s are good coyote traps, we use offset jaws. Bridger #3 work for us too, 4 coiled are preferred.
Trail sets produce for us also but we have no cattle to deal with by trapping season.
Posted By: BigPig

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/29/21 10:32 AM

I spent months trying to trap coyotes. Used all styles of traps, all kinds of attractants, and spent months walking the fence line to find places to place a game cam and a trap. After a year I was handed a goose egg, lost 3 traps, but had a lot of fun.

Trapping is most definitely an art, but I’ll stick to mouth calls and thermals.
Posted By: stinkbelly

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/29/21 12:44 PM

I wear disposable gloves because I use dog droppings. I don't wear special boots.

I have found that it helps if I take my dog for a walk in the area right before I set the traps.
Posted By: pdotson

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/29/21 12:57 PM

I have had a lot of success with a trench set using a whole gopher as bait...Take a piece of pipe and knock a hole in the back, shove the gopher in, and thats about it. I suppose a mouse would work too. Just something they would naturally be after. Try to make it look like a coyote was digging after the gopher and ran off for some reason, leaving an easy snack. I prefer to do it into an incline or against some sort of a backstop so they will likely come in the direction I want.
Posted By: varmit_master

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/30/21 01:31 AM

I run Dukes # 2 & 3 offset 4 coil on public land. On private i run mb 550 650. Bridger #2 & 3 4 coil offset. I catch some on dirt hole, post sets. I use cut dried grass to cover traps in hay fields. Takes place of the dirt. Works good in rainy weather. I use either bobcat or red fox p. If its around a good trail with sign. I will also hang a snare on the trail. Coyotes isnt hard too catch. Read as much has you can on trapping them. And watch some Coyote trapping dvds. U can be as careful has you can. But your going to leave sent.
Posted By: SouthWestIron

Re: Coyote trapping - 09/30/21 03:47 AM

Just got into trapping last season. Got a coyote with no bait at all. Used a snare on a well traveled trail under a fence wire. Was not all that difficult and I plan on setting up a few this winter just like it.
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