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Mystery chicken killer

Posted By: eddie4529

Mystery chicken killer - 09/29/19 12:28 AM

So something has been killing my chickens and rooster all of them were found with heads hanging out through the chicken wire and some decapitated any idea as to what may be killing them? I've tried waiting it out outside multiple times and seems like as soon as I leave it comes out again, doesnt eat anything just kills them
Posted By: tophorsecop

Re: Mystery chicken killer - 09/29/19 12:42 AM

It is without a doubt a raccoon...had the same trouble a few years back...they are agile enough to get in with the chickens...'coon will kill one, and drag it over to the mesh, but aren't able to drag the chicken back up and over the wire...they climb back out and manipulate the chicken until the head is at the wire and then try to drag it through the wire...for several minutes at least...then climb back in and either worry the dead one some more or they kill another one and repeat the process...caught it all on a game camera...finally left a night light on...about 10 feet away from the chickens...slept in the truck about 30 feet away and suspended one of the dead chickens from an overhead beam...attached a catfishing bell to the carcass...when I heard the bell I was able to slide the 20 gauge barrel out the window and killed him as he tried to pull the chicken down...coon may or may not come back every night....sometimes 2-3 nights between "visits"
Posted By: TCM3

Re: Mystery chicken killer - 09/29/19 01:08 AM

Definently a coon!
Posted By: flintknapper

Re: Mystery chicken killer - 09/29/19 07:55 PM

Agree that a 'Coon'' is the most likely culprit, but Skunks will also kill chickens. Typically they go for the eggs or chicks but will also kill adult chickens.
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