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Posted By: Mickey Moose

Thinking... - 01/10/15 12:55 AM

...of going to the Bowie area tonight, for the weekend, to pig hunt. Extended deer season so maybe I could get one of those too. But weather?

Might not be fun.


Posted By: Double Naught Spy

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 01:14 AM

...take us with you.

Well, you asked for thoughts! Seriously, play it by ear, so to speak. If you are worried about the roads, then travel safely, slowly if things get bad. If you are worried about you, just bundle up more.

Pigs like this weather. Might be cold, but could be very productive.
Posted By: Rcinit

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 01:15 AM

It's cold but the deer and hogs have to eat. Food certainly helps with the body heat.
Posted By: Simple Searcher

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 01:16 AM

Dress warm. I decided this is a good weekend to clean the guns. It has been a rodeo of a season for deer, ducks, pigs, you name it. The weapons need a little TLC and it is freaking cold out.
Posted By: Mickey Moose

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 01:34 AM

Well, Simple Searcher, mine are all still clean from just before opening weekend. frown

If worse comes to worse with regards to animal activity I could always sight in a rifle I haven't shot yet.

Pretty sure I'm packing up and heading out in a couple hours.

Double Naught Spy, if you care to head out my way and meet up send me a PM. I'll be a just a short distance west of Bowie.
Posted By: dfwroadkill

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 01:43 AM

Shoot man, what are you waiting on? Go! grin
Posted By: Double Naught Spy

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 03:56 PM

Apparently to get back on the computer. Errrr. PM sent, LOL.

The tardy bird gets what????
Posted By: Mickey Moose

Re: Thinking... - 01/10/15 05:36 PM

Bad traffic issues on the way out here last night. Long story short, I didn't hunt. I'll get in the blind tonight though.

Double Naught Spy - no PM received (and not at quota).
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