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Brushy Creek East (Haskell,TX)

Posted By: PotosiHunter

Brushy Creek East (Haskell,TX) - 12/22/20 06:46 PM

I hunted this unit this morning with no luck. It is an awesome looking place that looks like it could produce a great number of birds. I always love a place that allows me to run my dog without boots. My GSP pup is 8 months old and has only been able to find one covey in 10 hunts. Bird numbers seem to be down this year. Maybe it is the 2020 curse. If anyone has suggestions on a good public land hunt please feel free to share. I plan on going to San Angelo next week .

Potosi Hunter
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Brushy Creek East (Haskell,TX) - 12/23/20 12:29 AM

Sad. Loved to hunt that area.

Posted By: dadof5girls

Re: Brushy Creek East (Haskell,TX) - 12/23/20 12:42 AM

Make a trip up north. Kansas is showing some good numbers, I have also heard of good number in NE OK. Also, consider other options like woodcocks in E TX. Hold great and you can hunt them in the WMAs. Just google Texas Woodcocks most of the information is helpful.
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