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RPQRR Texas Quail Forecast

Posted By: danceswithquail

RPQRR Texas Quail Forecast - 09/06/19 11:52 AM

In case you haven't seen it yet. A little all over the board with differing reports from ranchers in the same county, which is probably because the broom weed (and now ragweed) is so thick. I have called a couple of ranchers in the Rolling Plains and they have said the same thing, seeing some, expected to see more based on May/early June rains, but its so thick you are not going to be able to get them to fly and show themselves easily.

Posted By: bill oxner

Re: RPQRR Texas Quail Forecast - 09/06/19 11:29 PM

Thanks a bunch for posting the letter. I forwarded it to several friends. Any idea when the official count comes out.
Posted By: TruckMan66

Re: RPQRR Texas Quail Forecast - 09/07/19 03:10 PM

So should be better than last year. Hopefully at least average.
Posted By: danceswithquail

Re: RPQRR Texas Quail Forecast - 09/07/19 08:28 PM

The TP&W forecast is usually posted by Sept 10th give or take
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