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Posted By: Chet

Tarantula? - 06/30/19 02:45 PM

Went out to feed yesterday and found Sug with a big hairy devil in her chops. She dropped it and to my surprise it crawled off. She scooped it up and into her house she went and dropped it in there and played with it. I got the booger out and all ok. Told a friend and we laughed about the whole deal.

Well this morning I go out to clean pens and Kate has a big hairy booger in her mouth. Same deal, drops it and plays with it. I know it's late Jun and those guys are out looking for mates but have never found one dead or alive in the pens. Just glad they are mostly harmless. Still scare me!
Posted By: 68rustbucket

Re: Tarantula? - 06/30/19 02:46 PM

Posted By: Chet

Re: Tarantula? - 06/30/19 02:48 PM

Didn't have phone either time and when the shovel did its work not much to film. But have a feeling I'll get another chance.
Posted By: bobcat1

Re: Tarantula? - 06/30/19 03:36 PM

roflmao roflmao roflmao
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Tarantula? - 06/30/19 04:11 PM

I like 'emů.neat creatures....but I'm kinda partial to snakes and spiders....scorpions all need to die.... flame
Posted By: Mundo

Re: Tarantula? - 07/05/19 05:11 AM

i'd worry more about cone nosed or kissing bugs. They carry chagas. Bird dogs get bored in kennels and the bug is attracted to kennels by carbon dioxide from the dogs. It comes to feed on the dogs but most cases of chagas problem result from a bored dog eating the bug.
Posted By: Tbar

Re: Tarantula? - 08/03/19 10:32 PM

Had one walking through the front yard at the ranch last week........
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