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Quail Lease

Posted By: txbobcat

Quail Lease - 12/28/14 10:20 PM

I am looking at possibly leasing my place for quail out close to San Angelo for Jan/Feb 2016. Wanted to get some ideas on best way to show/lease it. Would a day or two hunt for prospective leasers (at a fair day rate) be a good way to showcase the place and slow the tire kickers? I have an excellent quail place and lots of wild birds. Good quail hunters will know what they are looking at. Probably 60% Bobs 40% Blues. Anyone know ballpark per acre rates for good quail hunting with lodging for the two months after deer season (Approx 2500 acres)? Thanks for any info.
Posted By: hrn

Re: Quail Lease - 12/28/14 10:59 PM

would be interested in lease call 6018880263 iam in mississippi hunt colorado city now
Posted By: Raymond07

Re: Quail Lease - 12/28/14 11:08 PM

I'm also interested. 214 - 507 3439. Price per acre is negotiable depending on % of the ranch that is huntable, accommodations etc. Same with the day rates. I'm in dallas and have a place in oklahoma and also colorado city but would like to see the place.

Posted By: RayB

Re: Quail Lease - 12/29/14 12:53 AM

Are you looking for a group or individuals?
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Quail Lease - 12/29/14 01:49 PM

My last lease in that area was priced at $3.00 per acre. We had to stay at a motel. We were offered housing the following year but did not renew. It was in the Millersview/Paint Rock area.

Replies indicate that you should have no trouble leasing it. You'll need 1,000 per hunter. Three should fit on the 2,500 acres.
Posted By: Panhandle Slim

Re: Quail Lease - 12/30/14 06:57 AM

I am also very interest. Hit me up at 325-518-7356
Posted By: bradtown

Re: Quail Lease - 12/30/14 10:46 PM

we're paying $2 per ac outside of SA
Posted By: TX_Birddog1L

Re: Quail Lease - 12/31/14 02:56 AM

I am very interested as well.
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