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Ultimate Upland

Posted By: Blanco

Ultimate Upland - 12/16/14 03:46 PM

For you guys that have dogs that may not want to travel this season, but still want to get out and work some birds.
This is the way to keep your dog tuned up and keep your gun from getting lonely

Posted By: rowdydog1

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/16/14 09:48 PM

I've never done anything like this but it sounds like it could be fun. Can you give me a little background as to what is required or how this thing works? How are points determined?
Posted By: Blanco

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/17/14 01:41 AM

The basis of the game is very simple.
You will get 3 birds planted on a field aprox. 75X300 yds. You will not see where they are planted. You , your dog and a Judge show up at the start end of the field. You get 6 shotgun shells and 20 minutes time. Everything you do either gives or takes points.
The object is bag 3 birds as quick as possible.
If you have a pointer once the dog goes on a steady point, you call point and after a 3 count either you or the dog flushes the bird. shots cost points so you must be accurate. Once you shoot and hit a bird you must remain stationary and the dog must retrieve to hand. If you move, you get a partial retrieve (less Points than a full retrieve) When you bag the 3rd bird you call time. Any minutes less than 20 you have left count as points.
The dog can catch or trap birds also and they will count as shot birds, but it will also cost you 1 shotgun shell.
shells left out of the 6 are worth points.
So the point is be quick and be accurate.
Flushing is basically the same but no steady on point
Posted By: changedmyname

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/17/14 02:02 AM

Man this sounds fun.
Posted By: aerangis

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/17/14 05:52 PM

Sounds like a LOT of fun!
Posted By: blanked

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/17/14 07:06 PM

By the time you have numerous plantings in the same field do the dogs scent old bird scent
Posted By: Blanco

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/17/14 07:53 PM

Yes there will be extra bird scent. However most dogs will move on when there is no bird.
The bonus of having a later run is that there are usually leftover birds from previous runs, so finding a bird is usually not an issue.
Posted By: bassfishinglawyer

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/18/14 01:00 PM

I like the part about a caught bird. My female might do well in this. I'll know once I get her out into some birds this year (ugh).
Posted By: Blanco

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/22/14 07:04 PM

I am in the process of making up an entry form, and will have it out soon.
Seems our pointing classes are going to fill up quick. We are going to limit each class to 30 dogs.
This is close the maximum number of runs we can do in one day.
30 Open pointing
30 Am Pointing
30 Open Flushing
30 Am Flushing
So a total of 120 runs... Some of which will be 2X runs
Posted By: epp838

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/30/14 03:19 AM

I don't have a dog yet, but would love to come out and watch. Are spectators welcome?
Posted By: Blanco

Re: Ultimate Upland - 12/31/14 02:46 AM

Spectators are welcome, but would have to stay a good distance back. Best way to watch is be a score keeper
Posted By: shooterwalter

Re: Ultimate Upland - 01/01/15 04:10 PM

This looks like a fun event and if you are in the Dallas area looking for quail give us a call.

Happy New Year
Posted By: texasbirdhunt

Re: Ultimate Upland - 01/16/15 01:59 PM

Contact Blanco if this sounds like something y'all would like to do.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Ultimate Upland - 01/16/15 04:17 PM

This sounds about like a similar venue that Dodies dad put on in Anna back in November. Did any of you go to that trial?
Posted By: Blanco

Re: Ultimate Upland - 02/05/15 08:40 PM

Only 2 weeks until the event. If you plan on competing please contact me.

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