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Big Boggy early Teal season

Posted By: newguy00

Big Boggy early Teal season - 07/20/21 06:20 PM

I was wondering if anybody has any experience at Big Boggy in Teal season, as far as alligator being active or everywhere. I only hunted there last year after the split and weather was already cold, and alligators not being any issue. I'm looking to try out there in Teal season (September still warm) and will my have my 10 year old with me, just curious if there is alot of alligator activity there or not. any info is appreciated.
Posted By: Sniper John

Re: Big Boggy early Teal season - 07/22/21 01:24 AM

Alligator hunting season on the coast opens in September. Alligators will definitely be active, but less so on cool mornings. I would not let it keep me from bringing a 10 year old hunting. With that you could also look into putting in with our son for the drawn alligator hunt at mad island. It's during teal season and mad island is not far from big boggy, so if drawn you could make a combo hunt out of the trip.
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