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Shot Kam

Posted By: TShooter247

Shot Kam - 02/04/21 08:33 PM

I have been watching some videos lately of some waterfowl hunts and see them using the shot kam on quite a bit of them, most likely because of sponsors. However, I was curious if any of y'all use them and if so do they last through the hunts and worth the cost.

I have had a few hunts I would have liked to have had the videos, others I am glad that I didn't.
Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Shot Kam - 02/04/21 11:17 PM

I use a GoPro
Posted By: KWood_TSU

Re: Shot Kam - 02/05/21 01:02 AM

I have one and love it. If you're missing it's nice to see how. You can even check it right in the blind.
Shotkam is the only camera specifically made for shotgunning.

They usually only have a black Friday sale.
Posted By: 2flyfish4

Re: Shot Kam - 02/05/21 03:15 AM

I've got one and like it. I think you'll like it as well.
I had battery issues with mine and sent it back and they sent me a new one. Their customer service is great, atleast the 1 time I used it.
Posted By: KWood_TSU

Re: Shot Kam - 02/05/21 12:42 PM

They are having a valentine day sale actually. Save $100
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