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HELP! No Winter Dove in Uvalde Co.


HELP! No Winter Dove in Uvalde Co. - 12/21/20 01:40 PM

Winter dove hunting usually outstanding this time of year in Uvalde Co., me and my group of hunters love to take advantage of this fact. HOWEVER, this year I have checked all of the fields (Uvalde-Concan-Sabinal-Hondo areas) that I either day lease directly from Farmers or are controlled by five different outfitters and am finding no signs of huntable numbers of birds....Furthermore, I have called at least a dozen dove outfitters and hearing that they are also having great difficulty finding birds. Any help from my friends at THF on Winter Dove Outfitters for this area of Texas would be greatly appreciated...
Posted By: My Time to Hunt

Re: HELP! No Winter Dove in Uvalde Co. - 12/22/20 08:57 PM

We are covered up at our feeders in Mitchell county. 50 at any one time. Then the hawk shows up they scatter for a while and show back up. Morning and white wing
Posted By: decook

Re: HELP! No Winter Dove in Uvalde Co. - 12/23/20 02:01 AM

SALTSTORM this is dated info, but last I dove hunted was the tail end of the 1st split. I was in Jim Wells County and there were some doves there, probably the best I saw all year but not "super duper". Like I said, very dated info so take it for what its worth.

Oh, I saw ya-all had a class running last week when I drove by. Lots of cars there - good job.
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