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Mojos on cloudy days?

Posted By: shalor

Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 12:59 PM

I have had a lot more success with mojos on sunny days dove hunting. I don’t use them a lot duck hunting because it seems like they are just not that effective here in central Texas on small water(except for teal). Hunting a 6-8 acre lake with about 300 ducks tomorrow. Would you guys even bother putting one out? Not many teal, but this lake is big enough it’s not a slam dunk. Got a good hide in what I think should be near the X for north wind. Thanks for any advice
Posted By: cleboje

Re: Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 01:52 PM

I would take and use the mojo...but if the ducks flare from it...relocate the mojo into the area they land in...that way the mojo will flare the ducks from their X to your X. Good hunting!
Posted By: NeKro

Re: Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 05:28 PM

I would take it, better to have it and not need it. If its not working just put it away.
Posted By: Tex68w

Re: Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 05:45 PM

We use them on the flooded rice fields for Teal but rarely take them out for coastal hunts. They work extremely well for dove but I have mixed results with the ducks. Like the others said, give it a try, it can't hurt.
Posted By: 4Weight

Re: Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 06:47 PM

I always have a couple of mojos out, but there are days when the won't decoy I will not hesitate to pull them up. Sometimes I feel they get mojo shy for whatever reason, cloudy or sunny.
Posted By: E.TX.JMart

Re: Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 07:38 PM

Floating flashers on a timer are the way to go IMO
Posted By: BradyBuck

Re: Mojos on cloudy days? - 11/27/20 11:33 PM

Don't use it. No need and you run more of a risk of flaring ducks.

If you weren't going to have any wind I'd say maybe, but with a decent wind, good hide and on the X...I wouldn't bother with the mojo.
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