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Leaving Decoys Out?

Posted By: PoppinPiggies

Leaving Decoys Out? - 09/02/20 07:32 PM

Do ya'll think if I left a couple decoys in some tanks it would increase the odds of getting some Teal to utilize them? Normally don't have too many teal or really hunt them but if I can attract some to a few shallow tanks I'd give it a go.
Posted By: takemking

Re: Leaving Decoys Out? - 09/02/20 07:36 PM

Doubt that would help much. Make some hunts and see what happens. Teal are here today gone tomorrow type birds unless you have a good food source.
Posted By: txlenchs

Re: Leaving Decoys Out? - 09/02/20 07:42 PM

Food source is most important as they are migrating south. But hey, give it a go.
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