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Water Projections

Posted By: kemon86

Water Projections - 07/19/20 02:09 PM

Any of you guys farmers almanac believers? What’s it say for this fall? I have an opportunity to drain one of my holes and plant some millet, my buddy is worried about it potentially not filling back up. Looking for some insight.
Posted By: Cochise

Re: Water Projections - 07/20/20 06:27 PM

I am definitely NOT a believer in it.

As a duck hunter I'm hoping for a dry year - my best seasons are always drought years.

As someone who grows grass and livestock - rain baby rain.

I've got a stock tank that has silted and needs to be dug out (it's about 8' deep right now - should be 12') - I 100% will not touch it until Jan or Feb. No way you could pay me to drain it and count on it filling back up any time soon. Gonna be a rough (dry) late summer/fall I do believe. Generally comes with a La Nina - which is looking likely.
Posted By: 2flyfish4

Re: Water Projections - 07/20/20 07:20 PM

As cochise stated I dont believe in it either. But my gut is telling me it will be warm and dry as well.
Posted By: rickym

Re: Water Projections - 07/20/20 08:10 PM

Haven’t looked at one in years.
Posted By: aerangis

Re: Water Projections - 07/20/20 08:33 PM

I'm not a beleiver.

I prefer hunting dry years more than wet. I'd go so far as to say hunting was much, much easier until the drought broke several years ago. Now, I have to put in more time and effort scouting.
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