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19-20 waterfowl counts

Posted By: woodduckhunter

19-20 waterfowl counts - 02/16/20 11:27 PM

anyone have any info on the texas winter waterfowl counts for this last season? last few years it seems as if they haven't just gone crazy with posting it all over the place
Posted By: takemking

Re: 19-20 waterfowl counts - 02/17/20 03:41 PM

Just checked again today. Haven't come out with it on TPWD's website yet.
Posted By: Teamjefe

Re: 19-20 waterfowl counts - 02/17/20 07:26 PM

I know that during the last weekend of the season I had zero birds. A few days later I had over 2000 on my wetlands....
Posted By: Windrider

Re: 19-20 waterfowl counts - 02/17/20 11:45 PM

DU has a podcast now and one of the episodes is an hour conversation about the winter Texas count.

It was very interesting.
Posted By: 2flyfish4

Re: 19-20 waterfowl counts - 02/18/20 12:23 AM

Episode 59?
Posted By: woodduckhunter

Re: 19-20 waterfowl counts - 02/19/20 12:59 AM

ok, so what were the numbers like? Please save the rest of us from listening to a DU podcast!!!
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