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A Few More Ducks - SE Louisiana

Posted By: Delta Duckman

A Few More Ducks - SE Louisiana - 11/26/19 10:04 PM

Date Hunted 11/24/2019:

Real good conditions for a duck hunt. 45 degrees or so with a nice north wind blowing and the tide close to normal. My blind shot 2 greys and 1 dosgris and had a few other ducks sneak up on us that we didn’t get shots on.

The other blind on the lease had a pretty good hunt these days shooting a few greys – two tree ducks and some dosgris. The best part for them was taking a drake and hen wood duck. That doesn’t happen often for us marsh duck hunters. Topped off with some pouledeau.

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We are ready for our annual Thanksgiving fins and feather extravaganza. I hope some ducks come our way and some redfish or trout.
Posted By: pop r

Re: A Few More Ducks - SE Louisiana - 11/28/19 03:14 PM

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