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Duck Camp is underway

Posted By: wal1809

Duck Camp is underway - 11/25/19 01:56 PM

As promised I will feed yall pics along the way. This build comes with a unique set of rules. When the north wind blows at 15, we have to stay home. We crossed with 15 mph winds and it was simply a white knuckle beating for 1.5 hours. 5 people in the tow boat and 3000 lbs on the towed boat in 5 foot swells ain't never happening again. The only comfort I found in that trip is my other new rule. That rule is if you're in my boat, you wear a life jacket.

So we get there and we all know our jobs. My nephew in law got started replacing the tractor hydraulic pump. Me and my grand nephews hooked the trailer to the ranger and loaded it with lumber. Three trips to duck camp location and we were done. The new hydraulic pump did not fix the problem.

So with no way to lift beams or dig holes, we nutted up grabbed the manual post hole diggers and off we went. These boys are insane. I cant say enough about their Godly parents that raised them to be men. Lunch was a slapped together sandwich, 4 minutes later they are right back at it. We hand dug 31 post holes, one was already in. Cut off the tops to level and set the beams.

We have had set back after set back. We bought 4 years ago. Since then we had 2 floods back to back, tax day flood and Harvey. We had to move the house to higher ground. All of that got in the way of this project. It seemed surreal, as if it could happen. Thank you boys, yall put my eyes back on the prize. Its happening!

Sunday before work I took them to the blind close to Port O'connor and the boys pounded a limit. [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: KWood_TSU

Re: Duck Camp is underway - 11/25/19 11:03 PM

Very nice
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Duck Camp is underway - 11/25/19 11:24 PM

Looks like an Amish barn-raising. Keep at it. I'd like to come down there and hunt with you. But this ol' man's gotta be comfortable. laugh Great pictures.
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