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Spec call tips

Posted By: 2flyfish4

Spec call tips - 10/10/19 01:54 AM

I'm pretty good with most calls, but struggling with the spec and trying to get better. Been watching youtube videos but cant seem to find one I really like.

Anyone got any tips? You tube videos you'd recommend?

Posted By: kman2017

Re: Spec call tips - 10/10/19 02:10 AM

I used the videos from riceland to learn. It took me a couple days of sounding really stupid on my call to realize how much air you need to actually blow through it.

Posted By: The Olive

Re: Spec call tips - 10/10/19 04:21 AM

I bought a buck Gardner short barrel Canada goose call and sent it over to them in Arkansas, they will retune any of their calls for like $2. I even spoke to the call room and told them I wanted it tuned a little long so it's easier to blow, now I have a easy to blow Speck call. They were really awesome and the turn around was like a week...I have three of their acrylics and one tiger wood and I couldn't be happier sent them all over about two seasons ago for tuning I think it was like $14 with shipping, just a suggestion, they have a bunch of spec guys in the call room.
Posted By: Pintail711

Re: Spec call tips - 10/11/19 11:30 PM

It’s all about how you hold the call to create back pressure to produce the yodel.
Posted By: snowbuster

Re: Spec call tips - 10/14/19 03:58 PM

Originally Posted by Pintail711
It’s all about how you hold the call to create back pressure to produce the yodel.

This is the first part on how to start with any speck call

If you look up redbone on youtube Nathan has a bunch of great tips and will easily walk you through on his calls
Posted By: Schat

Re: Spec call tips - 10/14/19 05:11 PM

OK first I must admit that, some one going to say calling has changed and birds are smarter; Ok with that out of the way. I learned to call back in the day of cassette and VHS tapes. Creating back pressure is huge part of the calling on specs, My father called before the big money in wildlife guiding and eating was the main issue. He called specs the laughing geese, He wanting the yodel, to be more laughter in sound, almost laughing chatter. He killed bird from central OK to the peanut fields around Dilley and fields of Kleberg coast. I could never mimic the cadence he could as flocks approached in my youth. I later called with Lake Lewis ( former Manger of Bayou Meto in the Arkansas delta) he wanted a metallic laugher, that was key for me. But both said stop calling and listen to birds coming in and moving not away from you but around you. Those that appear to be searching.

Good luck Best place to practice is the truck, keeps the neighbors from complaining.
Posted By: 2flyfish4

Re: Spec call tips - 02/05/20 01:39 AM

Well the mailman delivered a rnt barbelly this afternoon. So far i really like it and look forward to getting better with it.
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