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Day Hunts

Posted By: Reick10

Day Hunts - 09/16/19 09:15 PM

Does anyone have an area in or near Celina they would be willing to lease out for a day hunt? Trying to find some places close to home!

Posted By: rickym

Re: Day Hunts - 09/16/19 09:35 PM

Are you looking for a dove or duck place?
What kind of prices are you imagining?
Are you wanting to hunt solo, one on one with a guide, with a group?

Your post is very bland and uninformitive, Other than “will someone let me come shoot on their property!”
Posted By: Reick10

Re: Day Hunts - 09/16/19 10:36 PM

Looking to hunt dove, 2-3 hunters at a time. Looking not to spend a whole lot. Trying to find places that have good location close to water and tank/water.

Sorry for the vague first post.
Posted By: 2flyfish4

Re: Day Hunts - 09/16/19 10:58 PM

Type ii is probably your best bet. Private land day hunts will run $75-$100 a day
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