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Shotgun shells

Posted By: BDB

Shotgun shells - 07/23/19 09:03 PM

Rogers has Rio steel for $89 case if you buy 2. $99 if you buy just one which is still pretty good. Anybody use these shells and how did they do?
Posted By: TLew

Re: Shotgun shells - 07/23/19 09:53 PM

Used them for a long time, they reignited the love for high brass dove loads. Eventually I tried Monarchs and swapped back to black box AAs though and that's all I'm shooting now.
Posted By: ken starling

Re: Shotgun shells - 07/24/19 01:18 AM

Have used them for the past few years with no issues.
Posted By: jag3

Re: Shotgun shells - 07/24/19 08:59 PM

I actually used the same deal last season and grabbed 2 cases. I had no issues shooting in my Supernova.
Posted By: Herbie Hancock

Re: Shotgun shells - 07/24/19 09:05 PM

I've been shooting Rio's the past couple of years with no issue.
Posted By: rickym

Re: Shotgun shells - 07/24/19 09:11 PM

Havenít tried Rios but my gun loves the monarch high brass. Hunting buddy shot a lot of rios out of his 1100 and liked them.

Just have to remember they are a dirty shell, might have to clean your gun more often.
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