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Farming For Doves

Posted By: STXHO

Farming For Doves - 07/09/19 06:18 PM

I thought I would share this picture with you guys- this particular field is about 1,000 yards from the city limits, power line running across the fields, corn field on 2 sides, and a small pond on one side, and a gravel road. You can't beat that! We are counting down the days until dove season.

[Linked Image]020CA9A4-EE3B-4114-AEF0-4CF6CF55A39E_1562687893123 by Haiden Mensik, on Flickr
Posted By: Slimpickin

Re: Farming For Doves - 07/09/19 06:26 PM

Nice! cowboy texas
Posted By: sallysue

Re: Farming For Doves - 07/09/19 07:51 PM

What kind of sunflowers ?
Posted By: STXHO

Re: Farming For Doves - 07/09/19 09:11 PM

Originally Posted by sallysue
What kind of sunflowers ?
Turner Seed Co.
Posted By: jrgocards

Re: Farming For Doves - 07/12/19 07:08 PM

Lots of lost birds there.

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