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1000 ducks flew over

Posted By: Bluesea112

1000 ducks flew over - 01/15/19 08:32 PM

I was duck hunting this morning in North Central Texas. Saw one wood pecker. Was picking up my decoys when all of a sudden waves of gadwalls and mallards started flying over really high. There must have been over 1000 total. They were chatting away. I was so happy to see them I waved at them. Then I looked around to make sure nobody saw me do that. It was an amazing site. The migration has arrived. I saw some of it first hand.
Posted By: nacgoat08

Re: 1000 ducks flew over - 01/15/19 11:59 PM

Heading north or south?
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: 1000 ducks flew over - 01/16/19 12:08 AM

Iíve been sitting on a well site about 10 miles south of bossier City....seeing lots of ducks all day headed south
Posted By: Hopedale

Re: 1000 ducks flew over - 01/16/19 02:53 AM

Originally Posted by nacgoat08
Heading north or south?

They were all heading north. Their data package is cut off, and they have no idea a deep freeze is coming.
Posted By: TKandMike

Re: 1000 ducks flew over - 01/17/19 10:57 PM

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