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Dove strategy?

Posted By: UTAhunter

Dove strategy? - 09/23/14 01:37 PM

Looking for a little insight from the dove hunters. I haven't seriously hunted doves in a decade and it was always over feeding fields planted for dove.

We will be hunting a new property near the Pecos river in Crockett County this upcoming weekend. There are no feeding fields or grain agriculture of any kind on the property, but there are two natural tanks with water and five elevated concrete stock tanks. It is normally dry, semi-desert country, but right now it's very green. We have seen plenty of doves flying around and in the winter they will aggregate in flocks of more than one hundred on this property.

I was planning on simply sitting near the tanks from dawn until midmorning (ten or so), then go have lunch, do a little work, sight in a rifle, and then head back out to the tanks around three or four in the afternoon and sit until shooting time ends. They only other thing I can think of is to maybe sit near powerline poles and shoot them as they come in to loaf on the wires, as there is one powerline on the property.

What would you do? Any tips?
Posted By: twospeed29

Re: Dove strategy? - 09/23/14 01:43 PM

i think you pretty much hit the nail on the head cheers
Posted By: twospeed29

Re: Dove strategy? - 09/23/14 01:45 PM

Oh wait, thats right. On that to-do-list the only thing you're missin is ya gotta swing by and pick me up confused2
Posted By: Fezkx97

Re: Dove strategy? - 09/23/14 07:11 PM

Get a couple of mojo's. Should help bring in the curious birds.
Posted By: wal1809

Re: Dove strategy? - 09/23/14 07:13 PM

Drop tailgate, open beverage and hope dove flies by. Pretty much our srategy.
Posted By: UTAhunter

Re: Dove strategy? - 09/23/14 09:14 PM

I think I will pick up a mojo this week. No beverages for me, I'm on the 30 day no alcohol challenge. Over halfway through. No cravings so far. Now if you said no caffeine for 30 days I might kill you on day two.
Posted By: sling

Re: Dove strategy? - 09/24/14 07:27 PM

Definitely a mojo and maybe some static decoys....sounds like a great setup, but with that many tanks, they have more options than the one you're shooting over, so it'd bet that putting a few decoys out there will get you more good opportunities than just sitting close to one of the ponds.
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