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Blister beetle alfalfa

Posted By: turkeykillet

Blister beetle alfalfa - 01/06/20 03:47 AM

Have any of you experience any side affects of blister beetles on deer? I have a opportunity to purchase alfalfa hay but it is thought to have blister beetles in it. I'm concerned it will have the same side effects that it has on horses. Thoughts?
Posted By: easton1025

Re: Blister beetle alfalfa - 01/17/20 04:22 PM

are they still selling it..?? Id run from it..Find some that doesnt have it...
Posted By: BOBO the Clown

Re: Blister beetle alfalfa - 02/24/20 09:29 PM

I don’t see how a deer would consume enough with normal rain fall to hurt them, but that’s more of a biologist/vet question.

Horse will eat a who bale if given opportunity... deer not so much
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