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Who all plants in the spring

Posted By: Gringocazador

Who all plants in the spring - 05/09/19 03:07 PM

I'm new to food plots other than trying to grow oats in South Texas years back which it never rained.

Now I'm hunting in East Texas and it won't quite raining. I would like to plant some Spring/Summer stuff, Cowpeas, Clover etc. I have seeds on order. Will have them early next week.

Our roads are so muddy its going to be hard to get anywhere close to where I need to be. It will be one long bumpy muddy tractor ride. I was hoping to take off next Thursday and Friday and get my plots in. All together its only about 3 acres total. Lots of to shred and clean up. All I have is a 6 ft std. Shredder and 6 foot box blade but will have to make due. Once I get off the logging roads its sand and not muddy. Just getting to my areas will be the hard part.

Buddy of mine told me if I set the rakers at the right level and height of my box blade just a tic off the ground I can cover seeds up like I have good sense. I was planning on using a couple of pallets as a drag.

Just wondering who all plants in the spring and what do you plant.

My luck I will get this stuff in the ground and it won't rain again until Sept!!!!
Posted By: doggit

Re: Who all plants in the spring - 05/09/19 03:37 PM

Im no expert but if its so wet you are going to have seeds stuck to your tires and everything. Been there done that. I had more growing on my tractor than in the ground! LOL. Don't know what you are planting but once you get ground broke up and rid of most weeds a cattle panel works great to cover up seeds as most only need to be cover slightly. Seed guy once to me good rule of thumb is plant twice the size of the seed deep.
Posted By: Gringocazador

Re: Who all plants in the spring - 05/10/19 06:20 PM

I wish it would dry up so I could get my truck and trailer close to box box blind and not have to drive my tractor across 3000 acres of muddy logging road That way I can have a good place to drop my Shredder and hook up my box blade or even drop my trailer and leave it I needed to go into town.

But pretty sure we got another good rain so it may take weeks to dry out. My luck once I get it in the ground it won't rain til Sept.!!!

I'll try to drive my hunting buggy (my old Tahoe) in next Thursday and see how bad things are. I may have to wait a few more weeks which isn't the end of the world.
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